Step 4: Picture Messaging settings  

All done! just follow these instructions to set up email on you phone. You can print this page if you like.

Setting up the handset

NOTE: - If the Cellular (or Mobile Data) Network option outlined in step 1 is not available on your iPhone, please connect the handset to a PC or Mac running iTunes in order to configure your iPhone.

  1. On the handset, select:
    • iOS9: Settings > Cellular (or Mobile) Data > Cellular (or Mobile) Data Network.
    • iOS7/8: Settings > Cellular (or Mobile) > Cellular (or Mobile) Data Network.
    • iOS6 or earlier: Settings > General > Network (or Mobile Data) > Cellular (or Mobile Data) Network.
  2. In the MMS section, enter as the APN.
  3. Enter the Username and Password shown below. If no value is given, leave the field blank.
    • Username: user
    • Password:
  4. Enter as the MMSC.
  5. Enter as the MMS Proxy.
  6. Leave the MMS Max Message Size set at the default value and the MMS UA Prof URL field left blank.
  7. Press the home button to return to the main screen.

The settings have been applied and are ready for use.

Setting details

Below are the details of your settings

Name:  Picture Messaging
Username:  user
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:  8080

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